Peter Rabbit Complete Set

Peter Rabbit Complete Set

Peter Rabbit Complete Set

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We're excited to present our Peter Rabbit Complete Set! This set includes all 8 stencils found in our Peter Rabbit collection, provided to you at a discount of over $19 off.

This complete set includes Peter Rabbit (4.48" x 9", triple overlay), Carrot (2.3" x 3.9", double overlay), Daisy (1.6" x 2.2", double overlay), Geranium (2.3" x 3.9", double overlay), Cabbage (3.6" x 2.9", double overlay), Robin (2.6" x 2", double overlay), Grass (2" x 1.6", double overlay), and Fence (7" x 9.4", double overlay).

Our stencils are made of 10 mil Mylar which is flexible and very durable, so they can be washed and reused over and over again.

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