Stenciled Thanksgiving Board Centerpiece

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Thanksgiving Board Centerpiece - Cornucopia Stenciled Board Centerpiece - The Artful Stencil
A bit of natural lighting to show off the gorgeous fall colors!
Maple Leaf Stencil from The Artful Stencil

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A Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece — DIY Never Looked So Good!

Today’s project is inspired by Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for all we have been blessed with. The cornucopia is a symbol of plenty, a horn overflowing with fall’s bounty. We have so much to be grateful for at The Artful Stencil, but we are the most grateful for your appreciation of our mission to create heartwarming stencils for the home!

Sometimes, the simplest projects are the most beautiful. Inspiration for our stenciled Thanksgiving Board Centerpiece came in a flash. We knew we wanted to stencil a simple wooden board and place it in the center of our Thanksgiving table. We found the perfect 26″ Gray Wash Planked Rectangular Plaque from Michaels for $16.99 (print a Michaels coupon online to save a bit!). Our dream was well on its way to becoming a reality.

Choosing a stencil was easy; our showcase Thanksgiving-themed stencil is our Cornucopia Stencil. That being said, our Thanksgiving Stencil Category is full of beautiful fall and Thanksgiving-themed stencils. We highly encourage you to check it out.

US shipping in only 5 days! Receive your Cornucopia or other Thanksgiving-themed stencil in time to whip up this easy centerpiece.

This project is perfect for Christmas and other holidays. Simply choose a stencil that fits your theme. Our Christmas Stencil Category is a treasure chest of beautiful designs for your home.

Project photos are below, as well as some stenciling tips for wooden plaques. We hope you gain inspiration, and stencil a Thanksgiving Board Centerpiece for your holiday table. It’s a joy to make something beautiful! Our stencils are reusable, so you can enjoy using them again and again, for all kinds of projects.

Project Pictures! (click photos to enlarge and read instructions)

Stenciling Tips for Wooden Plaques

  1. Use painter’s tape to secure the stencil to the plaque.
  2. For brighter color: Paint the stencil in white, let it dry, then go over the stencil with your desired colors. This will help your colors “pop”. Wooden surfaces tend to soak up paint, resulting in a duller color than you anticipated. Another option is to simply do multiple coats of your desired color to build up the intensity.
  3. After coating your stencil brush in paint, dab until it is nearly dry on a piece of paper towel. Using a nearly dry brush will keep paint from bleeding under the stencil.
  4. Stencil using a “pouncing” motion, up and down. This technique also helps keep paint from bleeding under the stencil, giving you crisp, clean lines.
  5. Allow the paint to dry before removing the stencil.

Please note: Stencils are easier to use when they’re clean! If you’re using the same stencil multiple times in a row, clean smaller openings with a toothpick. After you’re done using the stencil, soak it in warm soapy water for easier removal of dried-on paint.

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