How to Stencil Gift Wrap!

Photos + Instructions


For wrapping:

  • Roll of Craft Paper ($4.79 at Michael’s)
  • Baker’s Twine ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Scotch Tape 
  • Scissors

For stenciling:

  • Stencil
  • Stencil Brush
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Toothpick (optional)
Stenciled Gift Wrap | Flowers and Sea Turtle | The Artful Stencil
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Today’s topic is a lot of fun!

Inspired by beautiful Pinterest photos of craft paper gift wrap decorated with stamps, we set out to get the same look using our stencils. If we do say so ourselves, we’ve achieved even better results than the stamped projects we saw online!

Stenciling is fast and easy, and makes your best efforts look even better. Since beautiful gift wrapping doesn’t hang around forever, the fact that you didn’t spend hours hand-painting it is a happy little bonus. Take photos of your handiwork, and enjoy the smiles and delight of the lucky recipient on their birthday, on Christmas, or other special occasion.

Take a look at our photos of 3 stenciled gift wrap projects using slightly different methods. The 15-minute gift wrap featuring our Rose Carnation Bouquet Stencil is the most intricate, using a large stencil and featuring various shades of paint. Our 10-minute gift wrap features our Sea Turtle Stencil, and was created by using two shades of green and adding simple gold accents with a toothpick. Last but not least, our 5-minute gift wrap features our Children’s Border 2 Stencil and was stenciled all over in a single champagne gold color.

We hope you gain inspiration from our projects, and try them out for yourself to experience the joy of making something beautiful. Our stencils are reusable, so you can enjoy using them again and again, for all kinds of projects.

Rose Carnation Bouquet Stencil: Using various shades of paint, this project took about 15 minutes to stencil (click photos to enlarge and read instructions).

Stenciled using our Rose Carnation Bouquet Stencil.

Sea Turtle Stencil: Using 2 shades of green paint and using a toothpick to add gold paint accents, this project took about 10 minutes to stencil (click photos to enlarge and read instructions).

Stenciled using our Sea Turtle Stencil.

Children’s Border 2 Stencil: Using a single shade of gold paint, this project took about 5 minutes to stencil (click photos to enlarge and read instructions).

Stenciled using our Children’s Border 2 Stencil.

Stenciling Tips

  1. Use painter’s tape to secure the stencil to the craft paper.
  2. After coating your stencil brush in paint, dab until it is nearly dry on a piece of paper towel. Using a nearly dry brush will keep paint from bleeding under the stencil.
  3. Stencil using a “pouncing” motion, up and down. This technique also helps keep paint from bleeding under the stencil, giving you crisp, clean lines.
  4. Allow the paint to dry before removing the stencil.

Please note: Stencils are easier to use when they’re clean! If you’re using the same stencil on multiple gifts, clean smaller openings with a toothpick. After you’re done using the stencil, soak it in warm soapy water for easier removal of dried-on paint.

Thank you for checking out our blog!

~Happy Stenciling~

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