Manger Scene

Stencil image measures 8.7" x 7.8"

We wish you the blessings of Christmas all through the year. This lovely stencil has two companion stencils of Nativity Animals and Wise Men and Shepherd Boy, featured below. This is a single overlay stencil shown in multiple colors.

Nativity Set Stencil


Nativity Animals

This stencil set has 4 animals on one sheet. Stencil images measure - cow - 4.5" x 2.6", lamb - 2" x 1.75", donkey - 3" x2 .4", camel - 5"x 4"

These nativity animals can be used as animal stencils on projects and gifts or as a perfect coordinate with our Nativity Stencil. We especially like the sweet little donkey!

Nativity Animals


Wise Men and Shepherd Boy

Brand new to the Nativity collection are our Wise Men and Shepherd stencils. This is a 4 stencil set, which coordinates perfectly with the original Nativity and the Nativity Animals.

There are three separate Wise Men and each is approximately 4.5" tall and 3" wide. The Shepherd and his lamb are the fourth stencil and together they are 3" tall and 5" wide.

Christmas Nativity Wise Men and Shepherd