Flower Stencils

Our Flower Stencils are grouped into Pots, Wreaths, Flowers, Fruit, and Trees & Leaves. You will find a nice variety within each section. Surround yourself with beautiful reminders of lush and colorful nature. We know you will enjoy bringing the outdoors indoors, with our lovely Flower Stencils collection.


Our Pots section includes fruit and flowers artfully arranged in pots, vases, pitchers, baskets, bowls, and more.

Cottage Flowers Tulip Vase Fruit Bowl Fruit Basket Lavender
Rose Urn Cyclamen Pot Nasturtium Pot Primrose Pot Geranium Pot
Flower Pitcher Flower Basket Flower Cone Teapot Bouquet Peony Bouquet
Rose Basket


Our Wreaths category includes flowers, fruit, berries, and leaves in wreath arrangements.

Rose Wreath Rosebud Heart Flower Wreath Love Wreath Berry Wreath
Holly Wreath Leaf Wreath Flower Wreath 2 Cherry Wreath Daisy Wreath


Our Flowers category includes individual flowers, flower garland and borders, branches with flowers, and stylized flowers.

Rose Single Rose Double Cottage Roses Colonial Rose Sweet Pea
Primrose Border Flower Block Bouquet Rose Garland Heirloom Rose
Flower 1 Flower Butterfly Fern Butterfly Damask Butterfly Cherry Blossom
Water Iris Daffodil Morning Glory Sunflower 1 Sunflower 2
Violet Nosegay Pansy Nosegay Rose Carnation Bouquet


Our Fruit category includes fruit on branches, fruit borders, and 10 fruit tile stencils for 6" x 6" tiles.

Plums Fruit Fruit Border Strawberry Strawberry Border
Lemon Tile 1 Cherry Tile 1 Raspberry Tile 1 Pear Tile 1 Strawberry Tile 1
Lemon Tile 2 Cherry Tile 2 Raspberry Tile 2 Pear Tile 2 Strawberry Tile 2
Blueberry Stencil Grape 1 Stencil Grape 2 Stencil

Trees, Leaves, Grass

Within our Flower Stencils category, our Trees, Leaves, Grass section includes a nice variety for home decoration and crafts. Bring the outdoors indoors!

Apple Tree Willow & 2 Crows Maple Leaf Stencil Ginko Leaves Oak Leaves & Acorns
Bamboo Bonsai Pine Cone Wheat 1 Wheat 2
Tree Stencil

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have stencil brushes? We now carry a full line of Silver Stencil Brushes from size 0 to size 14 at very reasonable prices.
How do you stencil? We offer a How To Stencil page that provides all of the basic information you will need to begin your project. A supply list and stencil techniques are covered in detail. For a video tutorial, please view the demonstrations on the same page.
Where do you use stencils? Looking at Tips and Ideas for stenciling projects can provide you with some great stencil project ideas from pillows to lampshades to floorcloths. Also, check out the Newsletters archive for other good ideas.
Do you have a newsletter? We don't currently mail a regular newsletter, but our Newsletter archive includes detailed, step-by-step projects for projects like a Lace Heart Wall Pocket, a Rosebud Heart Keepsake, stenciled pillow covers with our Fruit Tile stencils, a Scotty Tote Bag, and a Chili Pepper Kitchen Sign. You can also find several inspiring projects and pictures here: Artful Projects.
What are your stencils made of? The Artful Stencil only offers original designer stencils laser cut on the highest quality frosty Mylar material. The precision of laser cut stencils is unequaled in the industry for detail. The 10 mil Mylar that we use is superior to most materials being offered by our competitors. It is flexible, yet durable, and is very easy to wash and reuse. A thinner 7 mil and even 5 mil Mylar is often used by other companies, but you would be investing in a flimsy product that can be difficult to work with.

For your safety, we only use Food Grade Mylar, approved for use on food products.

Can you change the size? Use the Contact Us form, or just call and let us know what you need. I'm happy to accommodate your needs. We also have a resident artist, Joni Prittie, who can make custom stencils from your artwork or fabric pattern. She has a lifetime of graphic arts experience and designs most of the stencils for The Artful Stencil.

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