Children Stencils

Our Children Stencils category includes fun stencils that can be used on the walls of your child's bedroom, nursery, bathroom walls, and furniture! Our Children's Stencils are easy enough to use with your child, as a part of fun and easy craft projects, as seen on the stepstool above. They will find it easy to get a very nice result!

Check out our lightswitch stencils and our Children's Border stencil, as easy ways to add a bit of whimsy to any room. Children Stencils will enliven any child's bedroom or nursery.

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Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam Stencils

Our Children Stencil category would not be complete without the whimsical characters of Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam. These stencils are fun to use together, to create colorful scenes.

Sunbonnet Sue 1 Sunbonnet Sue 2 Sunbonnet Sue 3 Sunbonnet Sue 4 Sunbonnet Sue Set
Overall Sam 1 Overall Sam 2 Overall Sam 3 Overall Sam 4 Overall Sam Set
Overall Sam & Sunbonnet Sue
Heart Stencil

Children's Variety Stencils

Duckie Border Children's Butterfly Set Guardian Angel Rainbow Frog
Princess Angel Butterfly 1 Butterfly 2 Butterfly 3 Butterfly 4
Fairy Folk Art 1 Fairy Folk Art 2 Chicks Duckling Sheep
Dinosaur 1 Dinosaur 2 Teddy Bear 1 Teddy Bear 2

Border/Scene Stencils

Our two Border/Scene Stencils can be used individually, or they can be combined to create a running border around an entire room. They are designed to fit together perfectly. These stencils are a unique addition to our Children Stencil category.

Children's Border 1 Children's Border 2

Lightswitch Stencils

These lightswitch stencils fit around any standard 4.5" x 2.75" lightswitch plate. An adorable addition to our Children Stencil category and your own home!

Lightswitch Bunnies Lightswitch Cat & Mice Lightswitch Puppies Lightswitch Frogs Lightswitch Gecko

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have stencil brushes? We now carry a full line of Silver Stencil Brushes from size 0 to size 14 at reasonable prices.
How do you stencil? We offer a How To Stencil page that provides basic information you will need to begin your project. A supply list and stencil techniques are covered in detail. For a video tutorial, you may view the demonstrations on the same page.
Where do you use stencils? Looking at Tips and Ideas for stenciling projects can provide you with some great stencil project ideas from pillows to lampshades to floorcloths. Also, check out the Newsletters for many beautiful ideas.
Do you have a newsletter? We don't mail a regular newsletter, but here you will find several projects to inspire you: Artful Projects. These include a Lace Heart Wall Pocket, a Rosebud Heart Keepsake, stenciled pillow covers with our Fruit Tile stencils, a Scotty Tote Bag, and a Chili Pepper Kitchen Sign.
What are your stencils made of? The Artful Stencil only offers original designer stencils laser cut on the highest quality frosty Mylar material. The precision of laser cut stencils is unequaled in the industry for detail. The 10 mil Mylar that we use is superior to most materials being offered by our competitors. It is flexible, yet durable, and is easy to wash and reuse. 7 mil and even 5 mil Mylar is often used by other companies, but you are investing in a flimsy product that can be difficult to work with.

For your safety, we only use Food Grade Mylar, approved for use on food products.

Can you change the size? Use the Contact Us form, or just call and let us know what you need. I'm happy to accommodate your needs. We also have a resident artist, Joni Prittie, that can make custom stencils from your artwork or fabric pattern. She has a lifetime of graphic arts experience and designed most of the stencils for The Artful Stencil store.

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